Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a profile?

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How do I create a profile?

  1. To get started with Victory Up, click ‘Profile’ on the left hand side of the Victory Up home page
  2. Click 'Register’ or 'Create An Account'
  3. Enter your details, ensuring you enter a valid email address, then click 'Create Account'
  4. We will send a verification email to you. You will need to verify your email to complete the creation of your Victory Up account

What do I get in a free membership?

Users may enter free tournaments to earn Credits and Digital Raffle Tickets (DRT) for the monthly draw.

What is a premium subscription?

A premium subscription allows users to enter premium and monetary tournaments. Without this you only have the option to play for Digital Raffle Tickets.

We will continue to add features as time goes on, such as being able to embed your streaming video directly into your profile.

How do I sign up for a premium subscription?

  1. On your Profile page, select ‘Subscription’.
  2. Click ‘Get Premium Now’
  3. Enter your billing address details and discount code if applicable then click 'pay now'. 
    All payments are processed through PayPal.

    How do we use the Digital Raffle tickets we earn?

    Digital Raffle tickets are won by winning tournaments with raffle tickets as the allocated prize. Every month Victory Up will have a raffle draw with several prizes, which you can bid on using your Digital Raffle Tickets.

    E.g. If you have 10 tickets and there are 5 different prizes, you choose how many tickets you wish to allocate to each prize. You could place 2 raffle tickets on each prize or use all 10 tickets on one prize to have a higher chance of winning.

    How to make my profile visible as a free agent?

    1. On your profile page select Update account.
    2. Under the heading ‘Profile Details’ there is a tick box with free agent next to it. Click that box and now your profile will be visible as a free agent, when teams are searching for players.

      How do I join a team?

      Some tournaments are team-based, which means players will need to join a team in order to compete.

      1. Select ‘Teams’ from the side menu.
      2. Select the team you wish to join.
      3. Under the team’s name at the top of the page there is a request to join tab. Select this tab.
      4. Wait for the Team Captain to accept your request.

        How do you create a team?

        1. Go to your Profile page.
        2. Select ‘My Team’
        3. Select ‘Form a Team’
        4. Enter the details of your team
        5. If you wish to have other users apply to join your team leave " Accepting join request" Ticked
        6. If you wish to only send invites to other users, you must untick "Accepting join request"
        7. If you have a Team logo you can upload this here.

        How do I find players to join my team?

        Players who want to join a team mark their profile as a Free Agent.

        1. To find players for your team, select the players tab from the side menu.
        2. At the top of the page you can filter so only free agent users are shown or by searching for the users Victory Up profile name. (not their gaming account name).
        3. Click on their profile and next to the profile name will be an ‘Invite to Team’ tab. Select ‘Invite to Team’.
        4. A request will appear in the other users account and once accepted; they will join you team.

        How can I get banned?

        Users are banned from the platform by violating the Victory Up tournament rules or not adhering to our Code of Conduct. This includes online and live events.

        How do I enter results from a tournament?

        After every match or bracket round, users must enter their results from that round on the platform in the current tournament they are entered in.

        1. Go to your Profile page and then select the ‘My Tournaments’ tab.
        2. Select the tournament you are currently competing in and select win or loss in the results section.
        3. Upload a screenshot by clicking on ‘Select Files’ and upload a screenshot of the results of your last match.
        4. Once completed select ‘Submit Results’.

        Please note that, while you do not need to upload a screenshot to advance in a tournament, if any of your previous opponents’ raises a dispute then you risk a disqualification or even a ban without this proof.

        As a teacher or staff member, how do I start a team at my school, for the Wellington Secondary eSports League?
        Just like any sport in the Wellington region, team entries must be entered via College Sport Wellingtons entry system ‘EnterNOW’. This is done by the school’s sports coordinator or the teacher in charge / convenor.

        Each team will consist of a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 7. It’s also a good idea to check with your I.T department to see if the school is ready to participate. They can refer to the Tech Guide below.